Find products and prepare orders in record time

Processing sales in a retail environment can be pretty stressful so we have designed the sales screen to ensure you find products and add them to the shopping cart in a little time as possible.

How do I find products on the sales screen?

Products can be found within an instant using the built in product search, category filters or by scanning the product’s barcode. 

Does FooSales support variations and sales promotions?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of being built for WooCommerce is that FooSales supports most standard WooCommerce functionality, including variations and sales.

Do I need a barcode scanner to scan products?

Barcodes can be scanned using your tablet’s built-in camera or using a handheld USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Can I modify a product’s price on the fly?

You can modify the price of a specific item within the cart, or you can permanently modify a product’s price via the Product section.

How does FooSales apply tax rates?

FooSales uses your WooCommerce stores tax rates when processing orders. By default, FooSales will use your store’s address for guest customers but it can also apply different WooCommerce tax rates based on a customer’s address.

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