Accept card payments with Square

Both WooCommerce and Square are powerful platforms, but they haven’t always played well together. FooSales changes that. FooSales seamlessly leverages the strengths of both platforms and perfectly bridges the gap between selling online and in-store using both WooCommerce and Square.

What payment methods does FooSales support?

FooSales currently uses Square to process card payments. Square supports chip, tag and swipe card payments. Orders can also be set to cash, card, direct bank transfer, check or cash on delivery.

Can I use WooCommerce Coupons?

FooSales integrates with the standard WooCommerce coupons functionality. When completing an order, coupons can be applied to the order which will result in the cart being discounted by the relevant amount.

Can I select existing online users?

When processing an order at checkout, you can select an existing customer or create a new customer on the fly.

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