Secure Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce

Sell online and in-store seamlessly

Take your WooCommerce store from online to the checkout line using the FooSales Point of Sale apps. Try FooSales for free for 30 days, no credit card or billing details required.

Go from ecommerce to all commerce.

FooSales turns your WooCommerce store into a fully integrated retail platform. Our apps connect directly to your WooCommerce store which means your existing products, inventory, users and tax settings are automatically loaded on the FooSales apps. Just connect and start selling in-person.

Accept payments with Square

Both WooCommerce and Square are powerful platforms, but they haven’t always played well together. FooSales changes that. FooSales seamlessly leverages the strengths of both platforms and bridges the gap between selling online and in-store using both WooCommerce and Square.
“Very easy to setup and learn and very fast even with thousands of products. It even supports updating stock from the app and doesn’t allow you to oversell inventory.”
MDuel Kingdom

Multi-Channel Platform

FooSales can be accessed from an unlimited number of devices and is available as a web version and native tablets apps (iPad & Android tablet) which all share the same intuitive interface. FooSales is perfect for retail stores, markets, pop-up shops, mobile events and many others.
“FooSales was the missing link we needed between our online and physical stores. The two now operate in unity, and orders can be handled without hassle. The simple intuitive design means anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes.”
Jason Dugmore, MrVinyl

Safe and Secure

FooSales leverages the many strengths of WooCommerce which includes secure, regularly audited code and tools. Furthermore, all your store, customer and order data remains on your web server and is never transmitted or stored on any third-party servers, including our own.

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